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In Search of the Taino Sun


Feel like a true explorer in this challenging experience to discover the famous Sol de Jayuya petroglyph. The most copied indigenous motif of Boriken, is located deep in the rainforest that grows over the abandoned lands of an old coffee plantation. Your archaeologist tour guide will help you understand and interpret these mysterious rock carvings our ancestors left us imprinted in stone.  

The Experience includes:
• Tour guided by an archaeologist
• Challenging hike through a rainforest

• Visit the Zama petroglyph murals 

  Lunch by the river


What you need:
• Water canteen
• Hiking appropriate shoes
• change of clothes
• towel

The Full Experience:

In this challenging hike, that zig zags uphill through the rainforest of long ago abandoned coffee plantation located on the highest peak of the island, you will discover the famous Sol de Jayuya petroglyph. We meet in the town of Jayuya at 9am and head to road 528 in the Zama barrio of Jayuya. Our first stop in the hike is at the local watering hole where we will end the day. Next we hike to the first of our two petroglyph murals, this part of the hike is 20min. After, we begin our long hike to the Zama petroglyph mural where the sun is located. The path zig zags up the mountain passing by small streams through the dense rainforest. This part of the hike is 1hr and 30min. At the mural, your archaeologist guide will help you understand the petroglyphs, their meaning and how they where used bu the Taino in their magical rituals. Once finished with the mural, we head back to the watering hole where we started the day. Here we will have lunch by the river, where you will have the chance of getting in the water and refresh yourself after an ardous hike. 



per person*


*$198 for a solo private tour.
Minimun 24hr reservation notice
Cancellation policy; 48hrs notice to cancel or modify reservations. Cancellations within the 48hrs will be charged 50%.
NOTE: All our prices and estimated hours are based taking off from the metro area. Prices may vary by pick up and drop off outside the metro area. All tours are subject to weather conditions.
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