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We Believe  That The Deep Contemplation Of   Nature Is A Way To Experience True  Bliss.

Sojourn Team



SOJOURN is a private tour service based in San Juan Puerto Rico and dedicated to bring you cultural personal experiences in the intimacy of a local settings.

We want to share our beautiful rainforests and waterfalls with you. Following our ancestor’s paths along pristine river streams, we´ll be able to explore the wilderness that sustains us. Complemented with the graces of our local hosts and expert guides in the fields of archaeology and antropology, you will be immersed in an intimate cultural journey.

Dedicated to bring you authentic natural and cultural experiences all around the island, we offer private tours to some of the most exuberant places in the Island.

You will visit magnificent waterfalls, get insiders access to enigmatic archaeological and cultural sites. Experience the lush rainforest from the comfort of our vehicles and enjoy our signature service. We invite you to sojourn with us in the indigenous capital of the Antilles, Boriken. 

Francisco J. Nolla Vilá


Archaeologist Javier Nolla

San Pedrito

The Puerto Rican tody is one of our 17 endemic bird species. Common throughout the island´s forest, it’s a regular sighting on our tours.

San Pedrito/ Todus Portorricencis
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