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In this new version of my popular experience The Taino Route, I combine two of my greatest passions, archaeology and river trekking, to bring you a unique experience you will never forget. We visit the barrios of Caguana and Ángeles in Utuado, where we find the most important sacred taino sites, The Caguana Indigenous Ceremonial Center and the Tanama River with its famous tunnels and arches which the river runs through. Nestled in the central mountain region of the island, Utuado is blessed with an espectacular natural landscape. Plus, it´s one of the most important regions when it comes to Borikén's indigenous past. In this experience we will visit the Indigenous Ceremonial Center and Cueva del Arco located in the Tanama River. 

The Experience includes:
• Tour guided by an archaeologist
• Challenging hike through a rainforest

• Visit Caguana Indigenous Ceremonial Center

• Visit Cueva del Arco

• Sandwich and fruit lunch


What you need:
• Water canteen
• Hiking appropriate shoes
• change of clothes
• towel

The Full Experience:

We depart early in the morning from San Juan to Utuado. Our first visit is the ceremonial center where we will learn about our indigenous past and how it's still alive in our modern Puerto Rican culture. Then we head to the Tanama river where we hike through the forest to reach the river and one of its most famous features, Cueva del Arco. This natural arch carved out by the river. is about 70 feet tall, with stalagmites and other structures you find in caves. At river level there is a huge rock which has a few rock carvings done by our ancestors. We have a sandwich and fruit lunch at the river before heading back out to the car.



per person*


*$198 for a solo private tour.
Minimun 24hr reservation notice
Cancellation policy; 48hrs notice to cancel or modify reservations. Cancellations within the 48hrs will be charged 50%.
NOTE: All our prices and estimated hours are based taking off from the metro area. Prices may vary by pick up and drop off outside the metro area. All tours are subject to weather conditions.
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