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Arecibo, Ciales

Puerto Rico´s human history is over 5,000 years old! In this experience, you will get to visit, Cueva del Indio plus the most important Archaeological park in the Caribbean, Caguana Indigenous Ceremonial Park.

The Experience includes:
• Tour guided by an archaeologist
• Scenic ride in a luxury SUV
• Visit to Cueva del Indio, and Caguana Indigenous Park
• Lunch included in price

What you need:
• Bottle of water
• Hiking appropriate shoes
• Camera

The Full Experience:
Pickup is at 8am at your hotel. We take highway 22 west bound towards the town of Arecibo for about 45minutes. Then we head to the coast and take road 681 to Cueva del Indio. We arrive at the cave after 20 minutes and park. A short hike leads us to the beach where we find the magnificent cliff formations of the coast. On the top of these cliffs we find an opening that enters into the cave. This cave was formed underwater millions of years ago and it was used by the indigenous cultures of the island as a special ceremonial spot. Here they carved hundreds of different petroglyphs on the walls of the cave. Our guide, who has a master´s degree in archaeology will guide you through the cave and teach you about the culture, art and religion of the Taínos.  For our next and final leg of the tour we keep heading south on Highway 10 towards Utuado and the Caguana Indigenous Ceremonial Park. First we make a stop for lunch in a local restaurant called La Familia that specializes in mofongo. After lunch we have a short ride to Caguana, once in the Park we´ll visit the small museum and talk about the importance of the park and how it was discovered. Finally we head out into the archaeological site to see the the rectangular bateyes or plazas that were used to play the rubber ball game called batú or for all kinds of public ceremonies such as the Areyto. After our visit to the park we head back to the metropolitan area and your hotel. The ride is about 1:15 and should arrive no later than 5pm.




per person*


All day
*$350 for a solo private tour.
1 - 6 guest
Minimun 24hr reservation notice
Cancellation policy; 48hrs notice to cancel or modify reservations. Cancellations within the 48hrs will be charged 50%.
NOTE: All our prices and estimated hours are based taking off from the metro area. Prices may vary by pick up and drop off outside the metro area. All tours are subject to weather conditions.
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